Nasa Woods’ ‘Alitheia’

Nasa Woods is a name in popular music that you are bound to hear in the near future. Unfortunately for the London based singer, a number of other musical projects collapsed, forcing him to pursue a solo career which is proving to find him the success his music deserves.

There’s no doubt you are all thinking: what does ‘Alitheia’ mean? Nasa has revealed that the mysterious and cryptic title ‘means truth in greek. We always tend to speak the truth when we’re intoxicated so the song represents a moment of struggle between holding back and being honest with someone you love.

The urban tone of Nasa’s voice fits in perfectly with the current state of chart-topping popular music all over the world, but there is much more to his sound that makes him distinctive within such a crowded genre.

The distorted, yet subtle pulse of the electric guitar underneath the vocals at the beginning of the track offers something different and also demonstrates Nasa’s experimental outlook.

As you might expect for a track entitled ‘truth’, the lyrics are honest and original, diverging cleverly from the usual content found in chart music. They recall memories of the night before and what might have been said, as well as the problems that are so often encountered when intoxicated.

Nasa has been compared to the likes of Zayn Malik, Usher and Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber fans should make sure they check out Nasa’s cover of ‘Sorry’ over on his Soundcloud.

Overall, ‘Alitheia’ displays a promising and experimental debut from the London based artist that is bound to set him on the path to superstardom.

‘Alitheia’ is out for release 21st October.

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NEW: Galaktiq ‘Anna Mae’

Rising duo GALAKTIQ blend alternative pop with an urban sound to form their new single ‘Anna Mae’.


With a catchy chorus and infectious beat, ‘Anna Mae’ is impossible to get out of your head.

Watch the music video for ‘Anna Mae’ here:

After releasing alternative pop track ‘Vibin’’ GALAKTIQ caught the attention of many, leading them to support the likes of Akon, Pitbull, Lady Gaga and One Direction.


Produced by Alawn Music, signed with Universal Music France, ‘Anna Mae’ escapes the norm. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before.





Novelist works alongside Nick Hook to record ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’

New York in demand producer Nick Hook has continued his streak of unique collaborations with young grim artist Novelist.

Novelist says about Nick Hook – “This man gave me a new outlook on life when I met him in New York at 18 years old when I went out there alone. He reiterated to me that FREEDOM starts in the mind and to do what you want with 100% of your energy. I’ve been taking my own time to understand life guys and I wanna say that the race is not for the swift, but remain to be certain in every thing. At times I’ve not been certain about what I want to do with myself but it’s the wise words of good friends and my bible that keep my mind in the right place. Write your plans on your walls and paper, stick to them and don’t stop till the casket drops. Love!”

Watch the video here:


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John Foxx to release trilogy ‘The Complete Cathedral Oceans’

Inspirational electronic artist John Foxx is set to release all three editions of Cathedral Oceans to be ‘The Complete Cathedral Oceans’ on 30th September. The vinyl release of the trilogy Cathedral Oceans (1997), Cathedral Oceans II (2003) and Cathedral Oceans III (2005) will be accompanied by a 12 X 12″ art print and book containing images and  passages from his novel The Quiet man, encased in a hardback book set.

The original front man of Ultravox has been an inspiration within his genre with the likes of Aphex Twin, Simple Minds and Clint Mansell naming Foxx as a main influence.

Watch the trailer here:

The creation of Cathedral Oceans began in 1983 when Foxx was a child singing in a choir at church. His immediate interest in the echoing and reverberation of the sound in the space inspired his music. The old style church music contrasting with the synthesizers forms a unique style that created the masterpiece of ‘The Complete Cathedral Oceans’.


Pre-order here and here.


NEW: Humor – TLC


Humor is a multi-talented artist, he fuses a mixture of grime hip-hop, deep/tech house, electronica and 90s R&B. Inspired to produce his own instrumentals after struggling to afford decent beats, he has since honed his craft into a creative and polished sound.

Humor’s hip hop heroes include the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J Cole, also taking inspiration from grime greats like Kano, Ghetts and Skepta. Starting out freestyling with friends, he has since developed his own formidable style merging speedy flows and vivid lyricism.

Stream ‘TLC’ here:



Humor’s single ‘I Told You’ from his first project was previously chosen by Tom Robinson for a BBC Introducing Mixtape on Radio 6.