Apachelux return with dancefloor anthem ‘Waiting For The Red Light’

After releasing their debut single ‘This Time’, which received airplay across 30 radio stations, and then receiving support from The Times with their second single ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ as one of their Essential Tracks of 2015, Apachelux have returned with ‘Waiting For The Red Light’.

With influences as diverse as Maya Jane Coles, Royal Blood and Girls Aloud, Apachelux’s genre-straddling sound aims to create those ‘dancefloor moments’ that we all know and love.

The duo consisted of musical minds Jay Wigmore and Louisa Strachan who are based in hub of creativity Southend-on-Sea. The single is set to drop on April 7th but in the meantime you can catch Apachelux on Spotify.


Mike Maro uses Drake’s beat to redefine culture

Nigerian born and raised rapper Mike Maro uses Drake’s beat to rap his own style, exploring heart break and the loss of his dad in ‘The Catch Up’. Maro uses his story telling talents to deliver messages that aim to redefine culture and influence attitudes.

Exposing his deepest insecurities through his original flow, Mike Maro shot the live performance of the track in Residence Studios, North London. Heavily influenced by American hip-hop, gospel and RnB, the rapper’s unpredictable creative style has an entirely unique raw gritty feel.

The video for ‘The Catch Up’ is set to release March 2nd.







LA electronic production team AT-ATs On The Beach release EP after composing music for Black Swan

LA based electronic production team AT-ATs On The Beach (ATATOTB) escape electronic music cliché with their EP infusing dance beats and heavy baselines. ATATOTB deliver a new experimental style of music, reflective of their creative sound and diverse art form. Featuring remixes of Elton John, Rolling Stones, Eagles and original mixes, the debut EP sets the group apart from the rest.

You may also know ATATOTB as InFiction who focused on creating original electronic music, influenced by their background as film editors and producers. They have previously composed music for films such as Black Swan, The Thing, The Last Exorcism and Wrath of the Titans.

Now a new era of downtempo house has landed in the world of electronic music. This experimental mix of theatrical themes, rhythmic beats and other instrumentation are a few things that set Los Angeles based production group AT-ATs On The Beach apart from the rest.

Listen to ‘Sympathy For The Devil (AT-ATs On The Beach Remix) here:







Experimental Hip-Hop from M3staken

M3staken (M3) is the musical brainchild of upcoming artist and producer, Stefon Cakley, who is looking to tear down the genre defining walls with his unique blend of hip-hop, classical and ambient styles.

Releasing an 8-track collection of soundscape-esque compositions, Apex features original pieces by M3staken influenced by the likes of Joey Bada$$, FKA Twigs and Jamie XX. M3’s ambition as an artist is proved through his willingness to experiment with sounds and effects and not stick to the cliches of tyical genres.

Born and raised in South Carolina, M3 made Apex as an attempt to see what would happen when fusing seemingly contrasting styles. His inquisitiveness has clearly paid off, forming a truly pioneering sound that you certainly won’t find elsewhere. He noted that “as a primarily hip-hop based artist, it was important for me to emphasise the amount of musicality there is in hip-hop, while also using a mix of classical styles and modern techniques”.

As well as this, M3staken favours using real instrumentation in his recordings, such as live piano rather than computer fabricated sounds. This way, there is a level of authenticity to his music that proves he is musician you should keep your ear out for in the future.

If you like your music ambient, experimental and a little left-field, then be sure to check out M3staken.

Find out more here:





KADI’s Empowering ‘Turn U On’

With a blend of RnB and Hip-Hop, artist KADI is making a strong impression on the urban scene with her empowering new single, ‘Turn U On’.

Trying to combat typical representations of women in urban music, KADI has a strong agenda that she is trying to push through her music. She thinks that women in the industry have been taught to believe that “having a big ass or showing your breasts gets you attention”, but KADI is protesting the opposite in ‘Turn U On’. The track takes inspiration from a time when KADI was living in New York and most of her producers told her that she had to be sexual in order to get far in the industry. Instead, she’s looking to ‘turn people on with my clothes on’.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear an artist with an activist aim to their music, especially within the genre of hip-hop. As a result, KADI aims to push a new movement of keeping the music industry sexy yet classy, using ‘Turn U On’ to portray that message. 

In the past, KADI has worked with artists such as Moorish Delta 7 and producer Baby J, showing that she has the experience to take the next step with her music. She’ll be hoping that ‘Turn U On’ takes her in the right direction.






‘Devil Ina Blue Dress’ by Dexman

Hailing from South West London, a scene that is thriving right now within the urban industry, is 90’s baby Dexter Sampson aka Dexman, giving you a blend of afrorap and hip hop, particularly drawing on the African theme combined with UK rap with his latest release Devil Ina Blue Dress featuring J Wanza.

Part of the Leftwing Movement, a democratic music group with a people focus and motivational lyrics that can be heard in previous releases such as Mama Don’t Cry, a future release and other tracks such as Never See Us Gunnin and Lean On Me. They all point towards the Leftwing factor of democracy for all those musically.

Dexman could be described as a genre hopper, navigating his way through various genres such as pop, hip hop, reggaeton, drill, house and RnB, he showcases his style, versatility and passion across all genres, with various co-rappers within the movement they all motivate each other to better themselves and accomplish and encompass other aspiring artists with a democratic, people caring view.

Devil Ina Blue Dress has received a brilliant response and after being featured on Link Up TV and Hackney’s Finest the video has received over 40,000 views on the platforms combined in under a week, delivering musical messages metaphorically and with versatility, something which is paramount to Dexman, taking influences from heavyweights such as Dr Dre, Meek Mill, Skepta, Drake, taking in all their achievements, speaking volumes to Dexman and motivating him to take that next step within the music industry.